Shocker: Out-of-Touch Millionaire Jane Timken Opposes Policies that Help Ohio Workers

Millionaire Jane Timken’s fiscal priorities apparently don’t align with Ohio workers, as she calls President Biden’s popular infrastructure proposal ‘radical spending’ and ‘the absolute wrong policy,’ criticism that flies in the face of a majority of voters who support the plan. The reason the plan is so popular is because it actually addresses the needs of Ohioans by repairing Ohio’s roads and bridges, expanding broadband and creating jobs for Ohio workers. And President Biden is paying for it by holding companies who ship jobs overseas accountable and finally making them pay their fair share, companies whose CEOs Timken is likely palling around with at RNC fundraisers for big-dollar donors.

While Jane Timken invests millions of dollars of personal wealth into her campaign to advance her own political interests, she considers any investment in Ohio workers ‘radical spending,’ showing just how out of touch Timken really is with the needs of working Ohioans.

“For years, Ohio has watched its roads crumble and jobs leave the state under Republican rule, and apparently that’s the campaign platform Jane Timken is choosing to run on. While Democrats are working to fix the state’s infrastructure and put Ohioans back to work, millionaire Jane Timken is standing strong against any plan that invests in working families and forces her wealthy CEO friends to pay their fair share,” said Matt Keyes, spokesperson for the Ohio Democratic Party.

Timken’s criticism of the American Jobs Plan follows her equally confusing criticism of the American Rescue Plan, which has helped millions of Ohioans get vaccinated, put money in the pockets of Ohio workers and help small businesses around the state reopen. Timken went so far as to tell extremist Steve Bannon, ‘we must stand up and fight against’ the American Rescue Plan. Meanwhile, the Rescue Plan continues to enjoy wide bipartisan support across the state.