Jane Timken Touts Endorsement of Trump Critic Who Blasted Trump As “Untruthful,” “Insulting” and Lacking “Substance”

Columbus, OH — Jane Timken is touting the endorsement of a Trump critic who blasted Trump as “untruthful, insulting,” and lacking “substance.” Which leads us to ask … why is Jane Timken accepting the endorsement of a Trump critic, especially in a primary race that’s been all about Trump so far?   

Here are a couple of ways Stefanik has been critical of Trump: 

  • Stefanik said Trump’s “insulting” rhetoric about women hurts the GOP’s efforts to reach out to women. 
  • Stefanik blasted presidential candidates who make “untruthful statements,” a dig at Trump. 
  • In January 2016, Stefanik went after Trump, saying, “I think we should expect more substance out of our candidates.”

Jane Timken’s insufficient support of Trump in the past has been an issue in this primary. Jane Timken called Anthony Gonzalez’s decision to impeach Trump “rational” and she’s taken heat from Mandel over the issue ever since. When Anthony Gonzalez retired, Josh Mandel skewered Timken, saying she was “pro-impeachment” and “having a candlelight vigil for her bud Anthony Gonzalez.” He mocked Timken, by sarcastically impersonating her, tweeting, “Um, do I need to change my pro-impeachment stance now? Or should I poll it first?”

And Timken has tirelessly tried to remain relevant in this race by going after the other candidates in the field for not being Trumpian enough, and you can be sure the attacks will fly back at her for touting the endorsement of a former anti-Trumper, making this race even messier and nastier.

“Just like Elise Stefanik, Jane Timken wants her anti-Trump past to fade away. Now that she is touting the endorsement from a never-Trumper who blasted Trump as ‘untruthful,’ ‘insulting,’ and lacking ‘substance,’ Jane Timken must answer: why is she accepting the endorsement of a Trump critic, and does she agree with Stefanik’s criticisms of Trump?” said Michael Beyer, a spokesperson for the Ohio Democratic Party.