Mandel Slams Timken, Vance Amid Gonzalez Retirement Announcement In Latest Round of GOP Infighting

Columbus, OH — As Congressman Anthony Gonzalez announced his retirement after facing pressure over his insufficient support of Donald Trump, Jane Timken’s past defense of Gonzalez’s vote to impeach Trump is in the spotlight: Josh Mandel skewered Timken on Friday, saying she was “pro-impeachment” and “having a candlelight vigil for her bud Anthony Gonzalez.” He mocked Timken, by sarcastically impersonating her, tweeting, “Um, do I need to change my pro-impeachment stance now? Or should I poll it first?”And he lambasted J.D. Vance, claiming Vance had been “completely silent on Gonzalez’s vote to impeach Trump.”



Timken previously called Gonzalez’s decision to support impeachment “rational” and said he was an “effective legislator.” After facing attacks from Mandel and other Republicans, Timken reversed her defense of Gonzalez — in what called a “jaw-dropping flip flop.”

“Every day the crowded Republican Senate primary gets more toxic, and these GOP Senate candidates are taking every opportunity they can to fight with each other. Ohioans won’t fall for these out-of-touch GOP candidates who are more concerned with bickering with each other than showing how they will deliver for Ohio families,” said Michael Beyer, a spokesperson for the Ohio Democratic Party.