With Senate Vote Imminent on Jan. 6 Commission, Where Do #OHSEN Candidates Stand?

Columbus, OH — Following House passage of legislation that would create an independent, nonpartisan commission to investigate the January 6 attack on our nation, the Senate is expected to vote on the bill this week. Josh Mandel being Josh Mandel, immediately opposed the commission and Bernie Moreno quickly followed suit.

But Ohio voters deserve to know: do Jane Timken, J.D. Vance and Mike Gibbons support the commission? Or do they also want to sweep a terrorist attack under the rug and pretend it never happened?  

“While baffling that support of the Jan. 6 commission is even a question that needs asking, Ohio voters deserve to know where their Senate candidates stand on this issue of national security. Will their fealty to Trump override their desire to do what’s best for our country?” said Matt Keyes, spokesperson for the Ohio Democratic Party. 

The January 6 commission was established following a bipartisan compromise between House Democrats and Republicans. The commission would be modeled after the successful 9/11 Commission and would comprise five Republicans and five Democrats.