“Unfit To Serve,” “Testosterone” And “Very Sensitive”: How Republican #OHSEN Candidates Spent The Week Attacking Each Other

April 1, 2022

Happy Friday, and welcome to “Buckeye Brawl,” a weekly newsletter from the Ohio Democratic Party highlighting the nasty, chaotic and expensive Republican primary for Senate. This out-of-control primary is making conservatives “deeply worried” about the prospects of Republicans losing this seat. 

As the Republican Senate primary continues to sink lower and lower, these GOP candidates are injecting even more nasty personal attacks, more chaos and more money into this race. We’re here to help you keep track of all of it.

“‘Who knows what the shitshow this week will be,’ said one Ohio-based Republican strategist, referring to the state’s Senate primary.” –The Hill, 3/29/22 

We know you’ve seen the sparring from Monday’s debate, but here’s what you may have missed:

UNFIT TO SERVE. It’s not just Gibbons and Mandel fighting it out on the airwaves. Now the pro-Mandel super PAC, USA Freedom Fund, has joined the fray to the tune of $1.5 million, attacking Gibbons as “disgraceful” for saying Josh “never spent a day in the private sector.” The ad says that “Mike Gibbons should be ashamed of himself. He owes Josh Mandel and everyone else that served the United States military a direct apology.” Yeesh, that’s got to hurt!

TESTOSTERONE CHECK. On the Scott Sands Show yesterday, Jane Timken, who has decided these past couple of weeks that she is in fact the adult in the room after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on TV ads about her opponents’ genitalia, said that “this isn’t WWE, this is a race for 1 in 100, the person to represent Ohio in the U.S. Senate, and they [Mandel and Gibbons] can’t control themselves and their temper and their testosterone.” Not that Kellyanne Conway would take advice from us, but if you’re looking for a check that won’t bounce in a couple of months, you might want to find a new candidate to grift off of. 

VERY SENSITIVE. Mike Gibbons, who found himself on the verge of a fistfight at a forum several weeks ago, decided to continue to pour fuel on this fire and say that Josh Mandel is being “very sensitive” about his military service on the Ruthless podcast yesterday. Gibbons joked, “I could say Josh, I don’t like your tie. And he’d go ‘I’m a Marine and I served two tours in Iraq and you can’t say that to me.’” Who’s the sensitive one, again? 

Thanks for reading along – that’s all for the Buckeye Brawl this week. If you have questions, my email is [email protected]. Have a great weekend!