Ohio GOP Senate Candidates Won’t Answer: Will They Vote For ‘Loser’ Mitch McConnell For Leader?

Trump: “Mitch McConnell is a loser.” 

Columbus, OH — With Trump “watching Ohio very, very closely,” the GOP U.S. Senate candidates in Ohio are really in a pickle: do they go all out for Trump or support Mitch McConnell?

Just last week, Trump escalated his feud with McConnell by calling him a loser in an NPR interview. The Trump-McConnell feud creates another loyalty test to Trump and we all know Trump sure doesn’t like candidates who cross him.

Enter the Ohio GOP Senate candidates. Timken has “danced around” and “sidestepped” questions about whether she was supporting McConnell. On Vance’s “No B.S.” tour, he refused to say if he’d vote for McConnell, which sure seems like a b.s. answer.

The out-of-touch millionaires have had no problem sinking lower and lower every week to appease Trump, making this out-of-control primary “Ohio’s ugliest ever.” But when it comes to McConnell, every leading GOP Senate candidate has become tongue-tied in the hopes of keeping his network of wealthy special interest donors happy.

“GOP Senate candidates are stuck between a rock and a hard place: while they’re all scrambling to kiss Trump’s ring, they also need the financial backing of Mitch McConnell’s special interest friends to fund their campaigns. As always, in their efforts to keep Trump, McConnell and their wealthy special interest donors happy, every GOP Senate candidate is leaving the needs of working Ohioans behind,” said Michael Beyer, a spokesperson for the Ohio Democratic Party.