Ohio Democrats Mark Pride Month as They Continue Fighting for Equality for All

Columbus, OH — Today, Ohio Democrats marked Pride month as the fight for fairness and equality continues even today. On a virtual press conference, Democrats spoke out against hateful anti-LGBTQ+ legislation that has been introduced by the Republican legislature, as well as pushed for the Ohio Fairness Act, a bill that would help protect LGBTQ+ Ohioans from discrimination.

“Even today, in 2021, Ohioans can be fired from their job because of their sexual orientation. Or face housing discrimination because of who they love. That’s not right. Our bill would make it illegal to discriminate against someone because of their sexual orientation or gender identity in employment, in housing and in public accommodations. Fairness and equality are more than just good words to use in speeches, they’re very real goals we’re striving toward with legislation like the Ohio Fairness Act,” said Senate Assistant Minority Leader Nickie J. Antonio (D-Lakewood).

“Our state is facing a variety of critical issues, including the ongoing pandemic, a lack of access to basic services like broadband and soaring healthcare costs. But instead of finding solutions to those very real problems, Ohio Republicans are prioritizing punishing trans youth who want to play sports.  If we’re serious about finally achieving equality in this state and in this country, we have to fight against discrimination wherever and whenever it shows up,” said Columbus City Council President Shannon Hardin (D-Columbus).

“At a time when we should be making it easier for LGBTQ+ Ohioans to live, work and raise their families here in Ohio, the legislation we’re seeing come out of the statehouse takes our state in the wrong direction. If we’re serious about making our state more competitive and encouraging our young people to stay here, we should create laws that reflect values like equality, fairness and dignity,” said Pat Deering, Vice President of Stonewall Democrats of Central Ohio.

The Ohio Fairness Act, sponsored by Senator Antonio, would help combat discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations by making it illegal to discriminate against Ohioans based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.