Ohio Democratic Party Statement Calling on Statehouse Republicans to Drop Dangerous GOP Legislation that Puts Ohioans’ Health, Safety at Risk

Columbus, OH — Today, Ohio Democratic Party Chair Elizabeth Walters issued the following statement calling on Republican lawmakers to finally put an end to GOP-led measures that put Ohioans’ health and safety at risk, and focus on the issues that matter to Ohio voters instead. The latest GOP vaccine bill that passed the House today handcuffs Ohio businesses and organizations, preventing them from taking critical steps to keep their employees safe amidst the latest surge of COVID-19.

“It’s far past time for Republicans to stop playing political games with a pandemic. Instead of focusing on critical issues that matter, like fixing gerrymandered state maps or taking action to stop Ohioans from bearing the cost of the GOP’s $60 million bribery scheme, Republicans are wasting time jamming a bill through the legislature that handcuffs businesses and puts Ohioans’ health and safety at risk,” said Chair Walters.

Chair Walters also urges the Ohio Senate to vote down this dangerous legislation and for Mike DeWine to veto this dangerous bill if it reaches his desk.