Ohio Democratic Party Slams Republican Politicians for Missing Yet Another Critical Constitutional Redistricting Deadline

COLUMBUS, OH — Today, the Ohio Democratic Party released the following statement as Ohio Republicans are once again set to ignore the will of Ohio voters and flout yet another constitutional deadline by failing to produce congressional maps by today’s deadline. This week, Democratic lawmakers produced a map ahead of the constitutional deadline, once again proving that there’s no reason for Republican politicians to be dragging their feet and failing to live up to the standards passed overwhelmingly by Ohio voters. 

“While hard-working Ohioans are showing up every day to do their jobs, Ohio Republicans can’t seem to be bothered to do theirs. Republican politicians at the statehouse are once again leaving the interests of Ohio voters behind as they undoubtedly work behind closed doors to produce yet another unconstitutional map that will move our state further backward. There’s too much at stake — from education to the economy to healthcare — for Republicans to once again play by their own rules,” said Matt Keyes, spokesperson for the Ohio Democratic Party.