Ohio Democratic Party Blasts GOP Gerrymander

Columbus, OH — Today, Ohio Democratic Party Chair Elizabeth Walters blasted state legislative ‘maps’ proposed by Ohio Republicans that clearly fly in the face of the Ohio Constitution and what Ohio voters called for twice when they voted for fair districts and fair representation. The GOP maps are even more gerrymandered than the 2011 map, taking our state even further backward in the fight for issues that Ohioans care about, from education to healthcare to the economy. 

Republicans, when presenting their maps, went so far as to admit they didn’t take racial demographics or election results into account, making clear that Republicans care about nothing other than protecting their own political futures. 

“​​The so-called ‘maps’ proposed by the Ohio GOP are a betrayal of Ohio voters and the issues that they care about. These maps are not only unacceptable, they’re offensive to Ohioans who voted overwhelmingly twice for fair representation. Ohioans are tired of politicians choosing their voters rather than the other way around. Ohio Democrats will stand with Ohioans in opposing these sham maps and fighting Republican efforts to once again silence the voices of Ohio voters,” said Chair Walters.