Mike DeWine Must Pick a Side

Columbus, OH — As Ohioans are focused on putting food on the table and making ends meet during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ohio Republicans are laser focused on one issue above all else — censuring fellow Republican Anthony Gonzalez. If that’s the issue Republicans are running with, then Ohioans at least deserve to know: where does Mike DeWine stand on censure?

As the top Republican elected official in the state, DeWine has a responsibility to let the voters know where he stands on the issue that’s dominating his party right now.

“As Mike DeWine finds himself in the middle of a Republican meltdown, Ohio has watched DeWine continually cave to the extreme members of his own party in order to maintain his tenuous grip on power. Facing his biggest test yet, DeWine must decide which side he’s choosing in the ongoing split among the Ohio GOP,” said Matt Keyes, spokesperson for the Ohio Democratic Party.

While DeWine previously stood with Gonzalez, now he’s facing attacks from within his own party and the prospect of a messy primary challenge. Will DeWine risk a deeper divide between himself and the rest of his party by standing with Gonzalez? Or will he pull a Jane Timken and throw Gonzalez under the bus to save his own skin?