Mike DeWine and Frank LaRose Know They’re Betraying Voters But They’re Gonna Do It Anyway

Mike DeWine Thinks Following the Constitution is Too Much Work, Would Rather ‘Get It Over With and Move On’ Instead

Columbus, OH — This week, Republicans Mike DeWine and Frank LaRose once again showed their true colors as they both admitted the gerrymandered ‘maps’ passed by the GOP-controlled Redistricting Commission may be unconstitutional and then turned around and voted for them anyway. Because for DeWine and LaRose, political ambition always comes first, while the needs of the voters and the Constitution they both swore to support always come up short.

Both LaRose and DeWine are scared of primary challengers and know they are hemorrhaging support within their own party. So instead of showing any sort of courage and doing the right thing, they backed down once again to extreme members of their party (read: the Republican legislature) at the expense of the rule of law.

“Political cowardice runs rampant through the Republican Party these days, but Mike DeWine and Frank LaRose seem to be taking it to a whole different level. If these politicians don’t have the courage or the strength to do their jobs and stand up for what’s right, they shouldn’t have the jobs in the first place,” said Matt Keyes, spokesperson for the Ohio Democratic Party.

DeWine’s vote is particularly ironic given that he claims he’s powerless to implement a mask mandate for schools in the face of an ultra-radical Republican legislature. Yet, rather than take any sort of stand for fair representation that would address the extremism in the Republican Party, he backed down once again, saying he’d rather ‘get it over with and move on’ than do his actual job.

LaRose laughingly claimed that ‘unnamed members of the commission’ didn’t work in good faith to pass a bipartisan map, something he must have said while walking past a mirror. The GOP-controlled commission had a responsibility under the Constitution to pass maps that provided fair representation, yet LaRose shirked his responsibility and caved to political pressure once again. Not the kind of leadership Ohioans are looking for from the guy who’s supposed to protect the integrity of elections and voting.