J.D. Vance Struggles To Explain What His Sham Non-Profit Did For Ohioans Struggling With Addiction

Columbus, OH — In an interview with the Logan Daily News, millionaire J.D. Vance had trouble naming what Our Ohio Renewal, his non-profit organization meant to address the opioid epidemic, has done to help Ohioans struggling with addiction. Vance even seemed to acknowledge the non-profit’s limited impact, citing only “small grants and funds…here and there,” and said that he was “doing less and less with the non-profit” as the Senate campaign ramped up and was instead “focusing more” on his own political career.

These comments follow a Business Insider investigation that found Vance’s non-profit was a “charade” and “superficial,” bolstering himself and his personal ambitions. Business Insider found that in its first year, the group spent more money paying for “management services” provided by Vance’s top political advisor than on programs to fight opioid abuse. Vance’s campaign hasn’t included his experience at Our Ohio Renewal on his campaign website and refused to respond to Business Insider’s questions.

“Silicon Valley millionaire J.D. Vance is struggling to explain what his sham non-profit has actually done to help Ohioans struggling with addiction and he’s already planning to do ‘less and less’ so he can focus on running for office instead. Whatever pathetic excuse he comes up with next, one thing is clear: Vance will do or say anything to further his own self-serving ambition,” said Michael Beyer, a spokesperson for the Ohio Democratic Party.