J.D. Vance “Desperately” Attempts To Distance Himself From Past Trump Criticism

Columbus, OH — It’s been less than a week since J.D. Vance entered Ohio’s “crowded and nasty” GOP Senate primary and he’s already facing a barrage of brutal headlines. Vance spent the first days of his campaign on a desperate apology tour in an attempt to “disown” old anti-Trump tweets after facing “criticism that he flip-flopped on his support for Donald Trump.”

Vance’s grovelling is par for the course in the messy primary where Republican candidates have been stumbling all over themselves in desperate attempts to secure Donald Trump’s support rather than the support of Ohio voters. His primary rivals have been “quick to highlight their opponent’s past” and in a sign of more attacks to come, Vance warned that the other GOP candidates have “baggage of their own” related to Trump and other issues.

Take a look at what Ohioans are reading about Vance’s desperate attempts to rewrite history:

  • Vanity Fair: Sad: J.D. Vance Desperately Tries to Disown Anti-Trump Tweets “After J.D. Vance’s past criticism of Donald Trump began threatening his standing among conservatives last week, the Hillbilly Elegy author turned GOP Senate hopeful took to the former president’s favorite network to beg for forgiveness.”
  • CNN: Senate hopeful J.D. Vance apologizes for criticizing Trump as ‘reprehensible’ in deleted tweets “The knives were out for Vance. […] Last week, Ohio Republicans received anonymous text messages blasting Vance as a ‘Never Trumper.’ [c…] But national conservative movement…has already begun to weaponize Vance’s past statements against him. The Club for Growth’s political action committee, which endorsed Mandel in March, released a statement last week going after Vance.”
  • Axios: J.D. Vance addresses deleted tweets slamming Trump: “I regret being wrong” “The venture capitalist and now-vocal Trump supporter has been accused of hypocrisy and ‘flip-flopping’ after CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski last week shared screenshots of the 2016 tweets in which Vance said the then-presidential candidate’s comments on ‘Immigrants, Muslims, etc.’ were ‘reprehensible.’”