It’s a Day that Ends in Y, So Frank LaRose is Playing Politics with Voting Rights

Columbus, OH — Yesterday, Frank LaRose called a press conference to announce that in the 2020 election only 13 votes — out of 5.9 million votes cast — would be referred for further investigation into voter fraud. That’s .000002% of all ballots cast. Yet, despite the fact that a fraction of 1% of ballots cast were referred for further investigation, LaRose continues to support the GOP anti-voter bill working its way through the state legislature.

LaRose, a master at talking out of both sides of his mouth, talked about the success of the 2020 election and how ‘exceedingly rare’ voter fraud is while at the same time he has been publicly supportive of a bill that attacks Ohioans’ voting rights and creates unnecessary challenges for Ohioans who want to have their voice heard. The 2020 election was successful largely because of the availability of dropboxes, early and absentee voting. Yet, these are the same methods of voting under attack in the Republican anti-voter legislation.

As always, it’s all politics for LaRose, whose name was booed at a recent Strongsville GOP event in a room full of Republicans. Needing to shore up his support with his own base, he’s pushing the anti-voter bill as a wink and a nod to the Big Lie as he sits by silently as Josh Mandel, Jane Timken and others in his own party continue to spout lies about the 2020 election and call the results into question.

“If Frank LaRose were serious about election integrity, he’d denounce the GOP’s anti-voter bill and the lies his fellow Republicans are spewing about the 2020 election. But unfortunately for Ohioans, LaRose isn’t serious. For him, politics always comes first,” said Matt Keyes, spokesperson for the Ohio Democratic Party.