ICYMI: Sandusky Register: #OHSen Primary Gets Even Messier 

Columbus, OH — According to a new report in the Sandusky Register, the rivalry between out-of-touch millionaires Josh Mandel and J.D. Vance is heating up as the Republican primary for U.S. Senate gets messier and messier. 

In what’s only the latest in a “nasty, brutal” GOP primary process, Mandel’s latest attack on Vance is focused on Vance’s sham non-profit. Mandel went after Vance for the “charade” and “superficial” non-profit, calling out Vance for using the non-profit to bolster himself and his personal ambitions. Mandel accused Vance of taking the money from his sham non-profit and using it for his political campaign. 

“Republican Senate candidates are sharpening their knives and the attacks are getting nastier and deeply personal. With these escalating attacks, it’s clear these GOP Senate candidates are more focused on attacking each other than the needs of Ohio voters, no surprise from a bunch of out-of-touch millionaires,” said Michael Beyer, spokesperson for the Ohio Democratic Party. 

Key points below:

Sandusky Register: Rivalry heats up between Mandel and Vance

Tom Jackson

September 1, 2021

  • The Democratic race for Senate isn’t very exciting so far, but Republicans are engaged in a lively contest.
  • For example, despite Ronald Reagan’s “11th commandment” not to speak ill of fellow Republicans, it looks like at least one GOP candidate is trimming the 11 commandments to the original 10.
  • The candidate who leads in the polls, former state treasurer Josh Mandel, launched a strident personal attack on Twitter against J.D. Vance, one his challengers.
  • Describing Vance’s career, Mandel wrote on Twitter on Aug. 30, “Step 1: Abandon hometown. “Step 2: Profit off of crapping on hometown and calling people from there racists. “Step 3: Return from silicon valley to start nonprofit to ‘save’ hometown from opioids. “Step 4: Take the money from the nonprofit and use it for political campaign.”
  • Mandel then linked to a tweet from Toledo Blade political reporter Liz Skalka criticizing Vance’s Our Ohio Renewal nonprofit.
  • While Vance’s nonprofit apparently isn’t above criticism, Mandel’s tweet appears to be mocking Vance […]. 
  • Vance’s spokesman, Taylor Van Kirk, had no comment on Mandel’s tweet […]. 
  • Ronald Reagan, the main Republican icon before Trump, popularized the “11th Commandment,” “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican” during his 1966 campaign for governor, although the Gipper was not always able to live up to that ideal.
  • Mandel may be targeting Vance because he appears to be the biggest threat to Mandel’s frontrunner status.