ICYMI: #OHSEN Republicans Divided On Portman’s Endorsement 

Columbus, OH — A new report from Roll Call reveals the Ohio Senate Republican primary field is deeply divided over whether they would accept the endorsement of the senator they’re vying to replace, Senator Rob Portman — underscoring how out of step the GOP Senate field is with the state’s Republican senator. Only Timken answered directly if she would accept the endorsement — while other candidates dodged the question. This approach stands in stark contrast to the field’s single-minded effort to secure Trump’s support. 

“Every Republican Senate candidate is more extreme than Rob Portman and his endorsement would only cause more division in this crowded primary. As these out-of-touch millionaires go all-out for Trump’s endorsement, it’s clear this unruly primary will remain a race to the bottom,” said Michael Beyer, a spokesperson for the Ohio Democratic Party.   

Key points below: 

Roll Call: Retiring GOP senators steer clear of primaries — for now – Roll Call

Bridget Bowman

September 30, 2021

  • Ohio Sen. Rob Portman has also not yet decided if he will endorse in the GOP primary to succeed him.
  • Although Portman has been known to criticize Trump, at least one Ohio Senate candidate said she would welcome his backing.
  • Jane Timken, the former state GOP chairwoman, said in a statement, “I have great respect for Senator Portman and would welcome his endorsement…” […] Portman’s wife, Jane, was listed as one of two dozen supporters hosting a fundraiser for Timken on Wednesday. She also co-hosted a fundraiser for Timken in June.
  • Another contender, state Sen. Matt Dolan, said in a statement that he was less concerned with endorsements than with “ensuring that Ohio’s next Senator continues Rob Portman’s record of commonsense, results-driven conservatism.”
  • The other GOP Senate candidates in Ohio did not respond to requests for comment.