ICYMI: Ohio Democrats Continue to Demand Accountability From Mike DeWine in the Largest Bribery Scandal in State History

Columbus, OH — In case you missed it, Ohio Democratic lawmakers demanded far more accountability over the largest public corruption scandal in state history. Following their successful calls for the removal of Dan McCarthy from the governor’s office, State Representatives Jeffrey Crossman and Casey Weinstein reiterated calls for Mike DeWine to continue to clean house and get rid of other staff with deep ties to the scandal. The representatives also called for DeWine to give a full accounting of what he knew and when about the $60 million bribery scheme.

“The bottom line is the public deserves answers on what happened here because it continues to cost people money. It’s going to cost us jobs here in Ohio, ” said Rep. Crossman. 

SpectrumNews1’s Josh Rultenberg said it best, Democrats want action. You can read more from Rultenberg here and below:  

  • When Democrats asked Governor Mike DeWine’s office to produce documents about communication surrounding the passage of the $1 billion dollar nuclear bailout to FirstEnergy, they were told by DeWine’s office there were none. 


  • Lawmakers flat-out reject that response and promise further action on behalf of Ohioans. Rep. Crossman went on to indicate “lawsuits are on the table.” 

Meanwhile, WCMH-TV in Columbus shows just how unseriously Republicans are taking these renewed calls for action, highlighting how Mike Dewine’s staff is simply dismissing a state investigation into naming rights on FirstEnergy Stadium, by calling it a “fishing expedition.” 

“As much as Mike DeWine wants to news dump his way out of the largest public corruption scandal in state history, Ohio Democrats aren’t going to stop until we have answers. As Ohioans continue to bear the cost of the GOP’s $60 million bribery scheme, the time for transparency and accountability is far past due. Ohioans deserve to know what Mike DeWine knew and when he knew it. Anything short is unacceptable,” said Matt Keyes, spokesperson for the Ohio Democratic Party.