Here’s What They’re Saying: “Democrats Deliver” Touts Success of Ohio Democrats’ Policies for Working Families in Rural Communities

ODP Chair Walters Stood with Rural Ohio Leaders to Discuss Ways Democrats are Delivering for Working Families while Republicans Leave them Behind

Columbus, OH — Last week, the Ohio Democratic Party hosted a ‘Democrats Deliver’ tour in rural communities across the state to outline the ways Democrats are delivering for working families in every corner of Ohio as Republicans oppose these efforts every step of the way. The tour included stops in Fremont, Athens and Steubenville.

Thanks to Ohio Democrats, the American Rescue Plan is helping rural Ohio to recover from the pandemic and rebuild their economies. Every Ohio Republican in Congress and running for Senate would have voted against the American Rescue Plan, which included $1,400 checks for most Ohioans, a massive tax credit to help working families raise their children, and funding millions of dollars for rural health centers.

And while Ohio Republicans have been too busy defending their political careers to care about rural Ohio, Democrats have been laser-focused on delivering much-needed infrastructure investments to improve our roads, bridges, water pipes, and high-speed internet.

Read more coverage of the ‘Democrats Deliver’ tour below:

Fremont News-Messenger: Ohio Democrats tout infrastructure bill, hold forum in Fremont

Daniel Carson

“A proposed federal infrastructure bill could bring millions of dollars to Northwest Ohio for roads, bridges, broadband and a number of local infrastructure needs.

“Democratic city officials and regional labor leaders discussed the bill’s potential ramifications Tuesday in Fremont at a roundtable discussion hosted by Ohio Democratic Party Chair Elizabeth Walters.

“Walters is traveling throughout the state this week as part of a ‘Democrats Deliver’ tour designed to reach out to communities like Fremont, tout recent Democratic legislative successes in Congress, and hear from residents on how the proposed federal infrastructure bill and other initiatives can help the state’s rural areas.”

“Eric Kahle, business manager at Toledo-based Ironworkers Local 55, said he hoped to see a lot of work done on the region’s railways and roads as a result of the infrastructure bill, as well as boosting industries such as warehousing.

‘“That’s where the focus needs to be, on creating sustainable jobs,’ Kahle said.”

Athens Messenger: Ohio Dem Party Chair Elizabeth Walters makes stop in Athens

Alex Hulvalchick

“From the stimulus checks and child tax credit to the American Rescue Plan, Democratic leaders have been working to get money back into the pockets of rural Americans, according to Walters.

“Athens City Councilmember Sarah Grace said that by coming to Athens, Walters is keeping the promise of the Democratic Party to not leave rural America behind, saying that ‘Thanks to Democratic leadership, there has been substantial progress for families right here in our community.”’

‘“One thing everybody has in common, whether you’re Republican or Democrat, we drive on the roads. We cross the bridges. We get on the internet.’ said Linscott.

“In order to compete with other countries like China, we need to improve our infrastructure, according to Linscott.”

Scioto Valley Guardian: Ohio Dems holding “Deliver” tour in Athens today

“Today, Ohio Democratic Party Chair Elizabeth Walters and the Ohio Democratic Party (ODP) (held) a press conference at Armory Park in Athens with local leaders, including Athens City Councilmember Sarah Grace and local labor leader Ted Linscott. The press event is part of ODP’s ‘Democrats Deliver’ tour, which will make stops in rural communities across the state to outline the ways Democrats are delivering for working families in every corner of Ohio as Republicans oppose these efforts every step of the way.”

Steubenville-Herald Star: Walters touts infrastructure

Linda Harris

“Ohio Democratic Chair Elizabeth Walters was in Steubenville Friday to tout infrastructure investments aimed at revitalizing communities and creating high-paying jobs, saying the party is ‘laser-focused’ on creating opportunities for working families.

“Walters said the proposed $1 trillion federal infrastructure bill ‘will be the largest infrastructure investment in history.’

“The American Rescue Plan, likewise, will pump millions into communities across the state and nation for infrastructure and education upgrades. She pointed out ‘Republicans all across Ohio’ were opposed to it.

‘“You didn’t hear them say one word when they were giving back to the rich,’ Jefferson County Commissioner Tom Graham interjected. ‘Now when we’re putting money in the hands (of the working people), they’re talking about the deficit.

“Jefferson County Democratic (Vice) Chairman Eileen Krupinski said Republicans didn’t support the stimulus checks that put $1,400 in the pockets of voters during the pandemic, either, ‘but they’re all taking credit for it.’”