GOP Senate Candidates Arguing Over Who Cares Less About January 6th Attack

Columbus, OH — Telling you all you need to know about how far out of hand the Republican Senate primary has gotten, the latest point of contention between GOP candidates is who wants to know the least about the January 6th attack on our nation. 

As soon as the House passed legislation establishing a bipartisan committee to investigate the attack, Josh Mandel took to Twitter to publicly oppose the commission and call on fellow candidate Jane Timken to do the same. Mandel continues to go after Timken for remaining silent on the commission and tying her to fellow Republican Anthony Gonzalez, who voted to support the commission. Bernie Moreno has also publicly opposed the commission as we wait to hear from the other Republicans in the race who will likely follow suit in the coming days. 

“An attack on our country shouldn’t be political, but there’s no limit on how low Republican Senate candidates will stoop. GOP candidates are setting a standard that says if you don’t look the other way after a terrorist attack on our nation’s capital, you’re not a real Republican. It will be sad, but not surprising, when the other GOP candidates inevitably oppose the commission in order to play to Donald Trump, the only voter they seem to care about,” said Matt Keyes, spokesperson for the Ohio Democratic Party. 

Loyalty to Donald Trump, not to the voters of Ohio, continues to be the focus of Republican Senate candidates. A Politico article this morning outlines the line Jane Timken is unsuccessfully trying to walk as she faces attacks from her fellow Republicans over her flip-flop on Gonzalez’ impeachment vote and the desperate pleas other GOP candidates are making to get the support of Trump while leaving Ohio voters behind.