GOP-Led Redistricting Commission Keeps Ohioans in the Dark as They Play By Their Own Rules

Columbus, OH — Today, the Ohio Democratic Party blasted Republicans on the GOP-led Ohio Redistricting Commission who have yet to release proposed maps after they ignored the first constitutional deadline last week, in which the Commission was — by law –supposed to have produced maps and held public hearings. With less than one week until the final deadline, Republicans on the Commission still have not produced maps and are rushing the process through without giving Ohioans adequate time to weigh in on the proposed maps that will affect every issue important to voters — from healthcare to education to the economy.

“Ohioans twice voted overwhelmingly to reform redistricting to give voters a say in the process that has too often been politicized by the Ohio GOP. This Republican-led Commission has one week to adopt a fair map that reflects the preferences of the voters of Ohio. We expect this Commission to fulfill that core duty, even though they ignored other constitutional requirements at earlier stages in the process. Ohioans voted for transparency and accountability, not more one-sided political games that leave Ohioans in the dark,” said Matt Keyes, spokesperson for the Ohio Democratic Party.