GOP Anti-Voter Bill is a Solution in Search of a Problem

Columbus, OH — As Ohio House Democrats continue their weeklong Freedom to Vote Town Hall Tour, every day this week the Ohio Democratic Party will be digging in deeper to harmful provisions included in statehouse Republicans’ anti-voter legislation that takes Ohio backward in the fight for voting rights.

Today, ODP is highlighting the GOP hypocrisy surrounding the anti-voter bill. Ohio Republicans continue to claim credit and tout the success of the 2020 elections, which was due in large part to absentee voting and dropbox availability, the same methods of voting that are under attack in this bill. If the 2020 election was a success, we should be expanding Ohioans’ access to absentee voting and dropboxes, not attacking it.

Republicans also like to claim that their anti-voter bill is about election integrity, but we know that also rings hollow as even Republican Secretary of State Frank LaRose has admitted that voter fraud is ‘exceedingly rare.’ Meanwhile, LaRose continues to stand by silently as his fellow Republicans spout lies about election fraud in the 2020 election and continue to promote the Big Lie. So if LaRose is really worried about election integrity, he should start condemning statements made by Josh Mandel and Jane Timken.

“For Ohio Republicans, partisan politics will always trump election integrity. While Democrats have offered proposals that would make our elections safer while expanding access to the voting booth, the Ohio GOP is only interested in fabricating solutions to problems that don’t exist,” said Matt Keyes, spokesperson for the Ohio Democratic Party.

As Gayle King said on CBS This Morning recently about the bill: “It seems like fixing a problem that doesn’t exist, doesn’t it?”