DeWine has Dodged Long Enough

Columbus, OH — Following more major allegations in a recently-released book by Neil Clark, Mike DeWine owes Ohioans a lot more information on his connections to the largest public corruption scheme in state history. From campaign donations to top-level staff connected to the scandal, DeWine can’t shake his links to the scandal.

DeWine and his team have repeatedly declined to comment on the scandal, including as recently as Friday when his press secretary offered no comment to questions about Clark’s accusations. Today, DeWine offered an insufficient, one-sentence answer when asked about the allegations and has repeatedly refused to say what he knew about the scandal and when.

Here are five questions about DeWine’s connections to the HB 6 scandal that Ohio voters deserve answers to:

  1. Were DeWine, Jon Husted or any of DeWine’s top advisors involved in discussions about the HB 6 campaign, including conversations about campaign donations connected to the scheme?

  1. Why did DeWine move forward on the appointment of Sam Rendazzo to lead the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio despite concerns raised to Husted and DeWine’s then-chief of staff about Rendazzo’s connections to FirstEnergy?

  1. What was discussed at meetings between DeWine, Husted and FirstEnergy executives at an October 2018 Republican fundraiser and a separate sitdown dinner in December 2018?

  1. Why did DeWine turn to FirstEnergy to solicit campaign contributions to his daughter’s Greene County prosecutor’s race?

  1. Why have DeWine and his team consistently shied away from — or outright refused to answer — questions regarding the scandal?