AWKWARD: Ohio Senate Republican Candidates In Disarray As They Fight Over Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill With Rob Portman 

Columbus, OH — As Ohio Democrats are united on creating good-paying jobs, fixing our state’s infrastructure, and taking on China, Ohio Senate Republican candidates are in disarray as they fight with Rob Portman – a chief negotiator and the senator they want to replace – over the bipartisan infrastructure bill. Portman said the bill was about “doing the right thing” – something the Republicans vying to replace him don’t seem to care about.

Last week:

  • Josh Mandel said in an interview with Jenna Ellis that the “squishy establishment RINOS” who voted for the infrastructure bill are just as bad as Democrats.

  • J.D. Vance called the bill a “total disaster for our country” and a “hatchet job.”

  • Timken said the bill does not address “real needs.”

  • Mike Gibbons attacked Portman directly, asking whether Rob Portman even read the bill that he helped to negotiate that will help improve roads, bridges, water pipes and high-speed internet.

Last month, Portman took a shot when asked about the Republican field’s stance, saying, “politics…tends to overshadow the substance.” In an interview with Spectrum News, Portman touted the benefits of the bipartisan infrastructure bill for Ohio and chided the GOP Senate field, saying, “unfortunately, some have decided on a political basis that they can’t support it. But they’re not talking about the substance.”

“All of the leading GOP Senate candidates to replace Rob Portman have put politics ahead of creating jobs and building roads and bridges in Ohio. As Republicans play politics with critical infrastructure investments in our state, Ohio Democrats are focused on creating good-paying jobs, fixing our state’s roads, bridges, water pipes, and high-speed internet, and taking on China,” said Michael Beyer, a spokesperson for the Ohio Democratic Party.