Vance Admits He’s Struggling To Unite The Ohio GOP

For Immediate Release:
June 17, 2022

Vance’s Admission Follows Conservative Youngstown Radio Host Saying Vance Has Run A “Horrible Campaign” And Needs To “Get Off His Ass”

Columbus, OH – In a radio interview earlier this week, J.D. Vance admitted the obvious – that he’s struggling to unite the Ohio GOP behind his U.S. Senate bid.

On the Bruce Hooley Show, Vance said (at around 1:30) he’s still working on “trying to get everybody to coalesce” and made excuses for his inability to consolidate his own party by saying, “it was a tough primary… Tens of millions of dollars negative ads is a lot of firepower, you know, pointing in every, every direction.” Those millions of dollars worth of ads let Republican primary voters know who Vance really is – a “fraud,” “flip flop flipper,” “Never Trump,” “called for higher taxes,”  “RINO,” and “cheering for the wrong team.” Those ads left a mark: a poll earlier this month found that Vance had the support of 79 percent of Republicans, compared to the 91 percent of Democrats who support Tim Ryan.

This is the latest example of the ongoing damage from Vance’s lackluster win, which Vance himself has admitted left “a lot of Republican voters with hurt feelings.” Vance has also been taking heat for his poorly run campaign. Earlier this month, Youngstown radio host Ron Verb said (at the 33-minute mark), “And once again I’ll tell J.D. Vance, ‘Get off your ass and start running some ads and get moving.’ I sit here… But this guy needs to get off his ass and get moving. It’s a horrible campaign so far that he’s doing.”

“After their candidates spent months ripping each other to shreds in a brutal primary, Ohio Republicans are failing to line up behind California Vance. It turns out it’s hard to unite behind an out-of-touch fraud when voters aren’t buying his endless and self-serving political calculations,” said Michael Beyer, a spokesperson for the Ohio Democratic Party.