UPDATE: DeWine Donor Gave Governor More Campaign Cash Six Weeks Before State Appointment

For Immediate Release:
Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Toledo, OH — Earlier this month, the Ohio Democratic Party raised questions about whether Mike DeWine was playing politics when he appointed Lynn ‘Zac’ Isaac to the University of Toledo Board of Trustees. Ohio Democrats unveiled that Isaac had given $10,000 to DeWine since his campaign for governor in 2018, raising questions about if the appointment was politically motivated.  

Then, last Friday, DeWine submitted campaign finance reports that showed Isaac donated another $5,000 in late April, six weeks before DeWine appointed him to a state board, bringing the total donated by Isaac to DeWine to $15,000.

These latest revelations raise even more questions about whether DeWine rewarded a campaign donor with a cushy state board appointment.

“It’s hard for any Ohioan to believe that a donor gets appointed to a state board six weeks after cutting a big check to the Governor and it’s all pure coincidence. DeWine has been surrounded by corruption and pay-to-play schemes his whole career. Ohioans deserve answers about how this appointment came about and whether this appointment was politically motivated,” said Matt Keyes, spokesperson for the Ohio Democratic Party.

Find the appointment announcement from DeWine HERE and below:


Find the records of Isaac’s donations to DeWine HERE and below: