Ohio Democrats Launch Coordinated Campaign to Elect Democrats Up and Down the Ballot

For Immediate Release:
Friday, May 19, 2022

Columbus, OH — Today, the Ohio Democratic Party launched the “Workers First Campaign,” the coordinated campaign of community organizers who will work to elect Democrats up and down the ballot this year – from the U.S. Senate to statewide offices to county and local offices. The Workers First coordinated campaign will work in tandem with candidates at all levels to tell the story of how Democrats are fighting for working families and to turn out the vote for Democratic candidates this fall.

Since November 2021, the Ohio Democratic Party has had organizers on the ground working in their communities to talk with Ohioans, hear their stories and show them that Democrats are on their side. Over the coming weeks the Workers First Campaign will be working to register voters and build volunteer teams. Then, ahead of the November election, the coordinated campaign will work to turn out voters for Democrats.

“We’re not taking any community for granted as we look to show Ohio voters we’re on their side and elect Democrats up and down the ticket come November. We’re investing in organizing earlier than ever this cycle, and we’re grateful for the support of our Democratic candidates as we work together to get boots on the ground early, put Ohio workers first and turn Ohio blue,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chair Elizabeth Walters.

The Workers First Campaign is made possible by critical investments from Ohio Democrats at the top of the ticket, including Tim Ryan and Nan Whaley.

“This election is about building up our state, rebuilding our middle class, and cutting workers in on the deal. I’m proud of our team’s early investment in the Workers First Campaign, and I look forward to doing everything I can to help elect pro-worker candidates up and down the ticket and in every corner of Ohio,” said Ryan.

“I’m excited to be a part of building this innovative statewide campaign that will elect new leadership from the working class and for the working class. Together, we’ll set Ohio on a path to making sure that every family, no matter where in the state they live, has the opportunity to thrive,” said Whaley.

Ohio Democrats are also committed to a coordinated campaign that reflects the diversity of the Ohioans we’re working to represent. The Workers First Campaign is made up of a diverse group of Ohio organizers that has extensive experience working in the state.

“I’m so proud of the strong, diverse team we’ve put together with the experience necessary to show Ohio voters we’re on their side and put working families first. Come November, we’re going to hold Republicans accountable for the ways they’ve betrayed Ohio voters and elect Democratic leaders who are going to put our state back in the hands of workers, rather than the wealthy and well-connected,” said Hilary Barrett, Coordinated Campaign Director.