Ohio Democratic Party Statement on DeWine Signing Dangerous Bill that Puts Ohio Students, Law Enforcement at Risk

For Immediate Release:
Monday, June 13, 2022

Columbus, OH — Today, the Ohio Democratic Party released the following statement after Mike DeWine once again caved to the gun lobby and extremists in the legislature and signed dangerous legislation that would create more armed teachers in the classroom. The bill was opposed by Ohio teachers and law enforcement officers, but DeWine has received more gun lobby money than any other in-state politician, so of course, he signed it into law anyway. DeWine’s signature of this bill is just the latest way he’s broken his promise to “do something” following the mass shooting in Dayton in 2019.  

“This is not what Ohioans meant when they called on DeWine to ‘do something’ following the 2019 mass shooting in Dayton. Ohioans were counting on DeWine to grow a spine and stand up to the gun lobby. All he did was cash the gun lobby’s campaign checks and do its bidding instead,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chair Elizabeth Walters.