Ohio Democratic Party Brings “Road to Recovery” Tour to Toledo ahead of Biden Visit

Toledo, OH — Today, the Ohio Democratic Party brought its “Road to Recovery” tour to Toledo as Ohio is back on the road to recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and building back better thanks to the leadership of President Biden and Ohio Democrats.The tour comes ahead of President Biden’s visit to the state Wednesday for a town hall discussion in Cincinnati.

At the event, State Rep. Paula Hicks-Hudson, Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz, Lucas Treasurer Lindsay Webb and Justin Richmond, a northwest Ohio worker, talked about economic policies that are working for working families under Democratic leadership.

“It’s been a tough year for communities around the state, including Toledo, and we know it’s not enough just to return to normal. We have to build back better and invest in working families to create a better future for our state, and that’s exactly what President Biden is doing,” said Rep. Hicks-Hudson.

“Now is the time for Congress to make smart investments in our infrastructure and in our people that create millions of good-paying jobs and set us on the path to economic growth for decades like these plans do. Years of tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations have put Wall Street and the very rich ahead of middle class and working Americans. Democrats are saying: enough. We’re investing in working Ohioans in order to build back better in Ohio and across the country,” said Treasurer Webb.

“Thanks to President Biden and the leadership of Democrats across the state, Ohio is back on the road to recovery. We know that folks are once again able to safely gather together and families are benefitting from a massive tax cut, as hundreds of dollars in help hits the bank accounts of most Ohio families this month thanks to the expanded Child Tax Credit. We’re not out of the woods yet, but we’ve made significant progress in helping Ohioans get ahead,” said Mayor Kapszukiewicz.

“In the past, we’ve heard lots of promises from politicians about investing in workers and supporting working families. Yet, for too long, we’ve seen policies out of Washington that prioritize Wall Street over workers. But President Biden has kept his promises to put working people first,” said Mr. Richmond.

Thanks to President Biden and Ohio Democrats:

  • More than 5 million Ohioans are fully vaccinated and able to safely gather with family and friends again;

  • Ohio families are receiving a massive tax cut and targeted checks to help them with the costs of raising children thanks to the expanded Child Tax Credit;

  • And Ohio is set to receive major investments in roads, bridges and new jobs under an infrastructure plan negotiated by President Biden.