Mike DeWine Won’t “Do Something”

For Immediate Release:
Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Columbus, OH — In the wake of the unthinkable tragedy in Uvalde, Texas, which comes just 10 days after the unthinkable tragedy in Buffalo, New York, one thing remains clear: Mike DeWine will not take action to prevent similar violence in Ohio. In 2019, after a mass shooting in Dayton, DeWine promised to “do something.” Instead, DeWine has proven time and time again that when given the choice between keeping Ohioans safe by standing up to the gun lobby or caving to special interests or extremists in the legislature, he’ll cave every time.

Since the mass shooting in Dayton, Mike DeWine has signed “Stand Your Ground” legislation after once threatening to veto it. He then ignored pleas from law enforcement and Ohioans when he signed permitless carry into law, legislation that will make Ohio families and police officers less safe. There will rightly be calls following the horrific killing of 19 kids in Texas for meaningful action to curb gun violence. But sadly, we already know that Mike DeWine won’t do anything.

“After the terrible tragedy in Dayton, Mike DeWine promised Ohioans he’d ‘do something’ to curb gun violence. The only ‘something’ we’ve seen from DeWine is his signing of laws that put Ohioans at greater risk for gun violence. If Mike DeWine is too weak to stand up to the gun lobby and his fellow Republicans and take meaningful action to keep Ohioans safe from gun violence, he doesn’t deserve the job,” said Ohio Democratic Party spokesperson Matt Keyes.