Mike DeWine is in Cleveland Campaigning on Funding He Opposed 

For Immediate Release:
Monday, May 23, 2022

Cleveland, OH — Today, Mike DeWine is coming to Cleveland to tout grants for Northeast Ohio law enforcement. The problem? Mike DeWine opposed the legislation passed by Democrats that made this funding possible. The funding grant for Cleveland’s critical Real Time Crime Center comes from the American Rescue Plan, legislation that was passed by Ohio Democrats and that Mike DeWine said he would have voted against in March 2021. It’s another example of DeWine’s desperation and hypocrisy, using Democratic accomplishments to try to stay relevant politically and, for the second time in less than a month, using Ohio law enforcement as a political pawn in the process.

“If it were up to Mike DeWine, Cleveland Police would not be seeing one cent of this critical grant funding to keep streets safer. DeWine opposed the legislation that makes this funding possible, and his efforts to claim credit for the work of Ohio Democrats to secure critical resources for Ohio law enforcement is shameful,” said Ohio Democratic Party spokesperson Matt Keyes.