Frank LaRose Refuses to Condemn Threats of Election Violence

For Immediate Release:
Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Columbus, OH — This week, Frank LaRose went on the “Second Amendment Foundation’s Polite Society Podcast” and refused to condemn a host’s threat that violence was the appropriate response should elections not go the way they would like.

A transcript of the exchange, which starts at the 38:45 mark, can be found below:

Podcast Host: “Frank, there’s a statement out there and I know that it’s- they say that- that America is built on three boxes. And I think it’s the soap box, the ammo box, and the- and the voting poll, the voting box. And so I want to thank you for everything that you’re doing in the voting so that we don’t have to go reach for the ammo box, but we’ll continue on with this show in preparation, should that call ever happen.”

Frank LaRose: “Absolutely.”

This is the latest and most extreme example of LaRose embracing dangerous views after spending years carefully crafting a moderate image – a major reversal meant to set up a Senate run in 2024.

“Frank LaRose’s efforts to completely reinvent himself are now so extreme, he’s condoning violent threats to try to win over the most radical voters in his party. There’s never an excuse for violence, and LaRose should have had the spine to say so. Instead, he placated a radical podcast host all so he can lose a Senate race in two years,” said Ohio Democratic Party spokesperson Matt Keyes.