“Endorsement Embarrassment?” “Failure To Act” and “Not Today:” What’s Making Headlines With Republican #OHGOV Candidates This Week 

  January 10, 2022 

Good Monday afternoon, and welcome back to Mike Check, your weekly source of all the infighting, conspiracy spewing and corruption that’s making headlines in and around the Republican governor’s race and Mike DeWine’s statehouse, courtesy of the Ohio Democratic Party.

As the gubernatorial race heats up, Republicans are in disarray with Mike DeWine’s popularity dropping by the day, facing attacks both inside and outside of the Republican Party, and having to answer for the largest public corruption scandal in state history. It’s hard to keep up with all of the corruption and mess surrounding Mike DeWine and the GOP gubernatorial primary, so here are some stories you may have missed:

NO ENDORSEMENT? While Mike DeWine watches his support hemorrhage by the day within his own party, he’s desperate to remain relevant politically. While we all know that Donald Trump is no fan of Mike DeWine (more here), DeWine is trying to play it cool by pretending the only reason Trump hasn’t endorsed him is that he hasn’t asked for it. The truth: if DeWine asked Trump for his endorsement, he’d probably be laughed out of the room, which may be why, as DeWine admitted, he hasn’t been invited to the Mar-A-Lago resort. Pro tip for Mike: he’s just not that into you.

FAILURE TO ACT. As COVID cases continue to skyrocket and our state continues to set new case records, Mike DeWine is too busy trying to not to upset extremists in his own party to do what’s right for Ohioans. In case you missed it, Ohio now ranks second in the nation for COVID deaths, with caseloads at all-time highs. Yet, there’s still no new action from DeWine who recently admitted he was handling COVID “the Ohio way.” As extreme Republicans play politics with the pandemic, making Ohioans less safe, Mike DeWine seems resigned to stay on the sidelines and just hope no one notices.

NOT TODAY. Mike DeWine continues to try and “no comment” his way out of critical issues impacting hard-working families across the state. During an hour-long interview with the USA Today Network of reporters representing major Ohio newspapers, DeWine failed to take a stance on key issues like keeping Ohioans safe from gun violence, healthcare and LGBTQ+ discrimination (just to name a few). DeWine tried every phrase in the book including “not commenting today,” “I don’t have an opinion” and “Stay tuned.” This goes to show you how scared DeWine really is to stand up to the tough issues impacting the state, and how little respect he has for Ohioans and the media asking questions on their behalf.

Thanks for catching up with us, that’s all the Mike Check we’ve got for this week. If you have questions my email is [email protected]. Have a great week!