Ahead of Columbus Pride, Ohio Democrats Slam GOP Attacks on LGBTQ+ Ohioans at the Expense of Working Families

For Immediate Release:

Friday, June 17, 2022

Columbus, OH — Today, Ohio Auditor candidate Taylor Sappington – the first openly-gay candidate for statewide office in Ohio – and Ohio Statehouse candidate Jim Obergefell – candidate for Ohio House and plaintiff in the landmark Obergefell v. Hodges case that legalized gay marriage – held a press conference to discuss the critical priorities that Mike DeWine and Ohio Republicans are ignoring in order to score political points by attacking LGBTQ+ Ohioans.

At a time when too many Ohio families are worried about their ability to make ends meet, Mike DeWine and Republicans in Columbus are focusing their time and energy on attacking LGBTQ+ Ohioans instead of doing their jobs and working to cut costs for Ohio workers.

“Instead of taking decisive action to put more money in the pockets of working Ohioans or drive costs down, DeWine and statehouse Republicans are attacking our friends and neighbors to score political points. They’re not going after corporations that price gouge, they’re not going after the shareholders that continue to pad their bottom line, they’re going after LGBTQ+ Ohioans who are just trying to live their lives and be their authentic selves. And that’s not only bad for LGTBQ+ Ohioans, that’s bad for everyone who calls our state home,” said Sappington.

Ohio finds itself poised to become one of the most extreme states in the nation when it comes to anti-LGBTQ legislation, including the “don’t say gay” bill, a separate bill that attacks transgender children and a state budget that’s already been signed into law by Mike DeWine that limits LGBTQ+ Ohioans’ access to healthcare.

“These bills will do nothing but make LGBTQ+ Ohioans less safe and hit working Ohioans directly where it hurts: their pocketbooks. So today, we’re here to call on Ohio Republicans to stop attacking our friends and neighbors and start doing their jobs: pass legislation that makes it easier for working Ohioans to get by, legislation that invests in workers,” said Obergefell.

Today’s press conference comes on the eve of Columbus Pride, one of the largest Pride celebrations in the country.