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Ohio Democratic Party Launches “Chartergate” Tour in NW Ohio

Party Leaders Demand Independent Investigation of Grade-Fixing That Helped Donors NORTHWEST OHIO – The Ohio Democratic Party is highlighting the impact of Ohio’s $1 billion for-profit charter school industry on local school districts with a statewide “Chartergate” tour, which kicked off today in Toledo and Bowling Green. Along the way, Party leaders and officials are

ICYMI: Portman’s Washington Bosses Scramble to Rescue “Vulnerable” Senator

The Hill Newspaper Reports Portman, Among McConnell’s ‘Closest Allies,’ Is In ‘Serious Danger’ Of Losing His Seat COLUMBUS – The Hill newspaper reports that U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is worried about his go-to guy, Ohio Sen. Rob Portman. Despite millions spent by Portman and his dark money allies, former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland continues

MEMO: For-Profit Charter School Fiascos Continue in Ohio

MEMO Subject: For-Profit Charter School Fiascos Continue in Ohio Date: Oct. 7, 2015 Every day it seems like there’s a new story about Ohio’s failing for-profit charter schools — and how Ohio Republicans are continuing to enable the excesses of an industry that just so happens to contribute millions to Republican officials. You can be

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