With Pacific Trade Deal Finalized, Portman Poised to Outsource More Ohio Jobs

Senator Took Thousands from Pro-TPP Corporations And Gave Up Chance to Make Changes to Protect Ohio Workers

COLUMBUS – With the news that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement has been finalized, the people of Ohio will finally have a chance to review the details . . . just in time to do nothing about it.

Why? Because, after taking thousands in campaign cash from TPP’s corporate backers, U.S. Sen. Rob Portman voted for so-called Fast-Track legislation over the summer, giving up his right to make any changes to the deal.  So there will be no opportunity for amendments when Congress votes later this year.

What’s worse, Portman gave up his chance to make changes for Ohio without even bothering to read the draft. (Learn More)

“The people of Ohio will finally be able to read this massive secret trade deal –  just in time to do nothing about it – because Senator Portman sold them out to corporate outsourcers,” said Ohio Democratic Party spokeswoman Jennifer Donohue. “Ohio has lost 320,000 net manufacturing jobs since Senator Portman voted for NAFTA. The last thing Ohio workers need is another punch to the gut with TPP.”

The TPP has been called “NAFTA 2.0.” Senator Portman called that agreement “a proven success,” despite the fact that Ohio has lost 320,000 net manufacturing jobs since NAFTA passed. During his 25 years in Washington, Portman has voted for 8 free trade deals, and as George W. Bush’s trade czar, Portman oversaw a 21 percent increase in the trade deficit between the United States and China.