Will Rob Portman Let Ohio Go Bankrupt?

Portman Slammed Dems for Fighting for State and Local Governments, Now He’s Changed His Tune — But Mitch McConnell Opposes “Blue State Bailouts”

COLUMBUSA month ago Sen. Rob Portman went on television and attacked Democratic senators who were fighting for “more money for states and localities” to respond to the coronavirus crisis, but now he is promising more resources for local governments in a future bill — just as Mitch McConnell pumps the brakes on “blue state bailouts.”

“Rob Portman has been on every conceivable side of this issue — first he bashed Democratic lawmakers for having the audacity to insist on more relief for hospitals and state and local governments, but now he is trying to placate Ohio officials by claiming he will fight for additional resources in the next coronavirus bill, even though Mitch McConnell says he prefers to let states go bankrupt,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “The truth is this — throughout the coronavirus crisis, Senate Republicans, led by McConnell and joined by Portman, have prioritized the wealthy and big corporations over workers. Ohio communities have already been forced to lay off workers, and it’s only going to get worse. In the middle of a global pandemic, the idea that we’re contemplating laying off EMTs, firefighters, police officers and other government workers — while wealthy investors get a massive tax windfall — is appalling.”