VIDEO: Ohio Republican Party Comes Out Against Portman’s Politics of Obstruction On The Supreme Court

COLUMBUS — This weekend the Ohio Republican Party came out against Sen. Rob Portman’s obstructionist position that the nomination of a new Supreme Court Justice should come after the Presidential election.

Here is Ohio Republican Party Chairman Matt Borges on WBNS-TV’s “Face the State” yesterday, stating that the Senate should consider President Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court.

TRANSCRIPT: “The President has the prerogative, he appears to be ready to use it. And if he does, let’s put up a nominee that the Senate can actually select and feel good about.”

“Even the Ohio Republican Party appears to appreciate the Constitution’s requirements here in a way that Senator Portman does not,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “Ohioans across the political spectrum do not want to see needless obstruction on something as important as filling the Supreme Court. Unfortunately, Senator Portman has obediently prioritized the broken politics of the Washington powerbrokers he serves above the voters of Ohio and his responsibility to the Constitution.”

This is just the latest criticism of Portman’s obstruction of a new Supreme Court nominee.

  • A Toledo Blade editorial stated, “Creating a crisis in one of the three branches of the federal government is too high a price to pay for partisan advantage… Regrettably, Republican Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio, who is seeking re-election this year in a state that Mr. Obama won twice, has adopted his party’s indefensible line.”

  • An Akron Beacon Journal editorial stated that Portman “fell, predictably, into the party line… Yet the majority does have an obvious responsibility to see that the courts function, and to show respect for the will of voters.”

  • A Columbus Dispatch editorial stated, “This is an affront to the president’s constitutional authority to nominate a justice. And it is an abdication of the Senate’s duty to “advise and consent” in confirming a nominee; it should consider an individual’s merits.”

  • The New York Times wrote, “It is a stance that has put Mr. Portman… squarely in the kind of ideological showdown he usually tries to avoid. Many Democrats, Ohio newspaper editorialists and independents are outraged.”

  • The Cincinnati Enquirer wrote, “The issue is a hot potato for the senator, who could face a close election for his seat against likely Democratic challenger Ted. Strickland… Strickland, who had called on Portman to break with McConnell and support a nomination consideration, condemned the senator’s decision.