The Veteran & Military Community Caucus (VMC) is the Ohio Democratic Party’s official organizing arm regarding issues of importance to veterans and the military community. 

The mission of VMC is to motivate, educate, empower, and energize Democratic people who are veterans or members of the military community to take action to:  

  1.   Spread awareness of the needs of the veteran and military community in Ohio;
  2.   Advocate strongly for policy changes and legislation to benefit the military community;
  3.   Recruit Democrats who are veterans or military family members to run for office;
  4.   Help elect Democrats at all levels; and
  5.   Seek Democratic Party leadership roles for veterans and members of the military community.

Membership in VMC is open to any Ohio voter who is not affiliated with another political party, who accepts the principles and values of the Democratic Party, and who has a connection to the military community by at least one of the following:

  1.   Service (past or present) in the armed forces, uniformed services, or civil service of the United States of America;
  2.   Family member of any person in the above; or 
  3.   Have an intrinsic interest in supporting the military, veterans, and their  families.  


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CONTACT via email [email protected].

Ohio Democratic Party Veteran & Military Community Caucus Officers

Chair – Connie Pillich, Veteran USAF

Vice Chair – Zach Roberts, Air National Guard

Liaison to ODP – Samantha Sawmiller, Veteran USMC

Secretary – Melissa Rodriguez, Veteran USAF

Special Advisor – Pavan Parikh, Army Reserve