Two Years After Kasich Signed Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood, DeWine is Still Defending the Law in Court

COLUMBUS — Two years ago today, Gov. John Kasich signed a law to defund Planned Parenthood — legislation to take away funding for health screenings and programs to combat dating violence and infant mortality — and Mike DeWine is still defending it in court, despite the fact that a federal judge blocked the law.

“When John Kasich signed this bill into law two years ago, he decided to take sides with people indicted on felony charges, rather than listen to the majority of Ohioans who opposed defunding Planned Parenthood,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “Even after this divisive law was blocked by a federal judge, Mike DeWine is still defending it and wasting Ohio taxpayer dollars to do it — typical of his pattern of waging his partisan ideological battles through the courts. DeWine has made clear that he wants to be a hyperpartisan culture warrior, dragging Ohio back into the center of nasty fights that hurt everyday Ohioans, including the 80,000 men and women who receive affordable, quality health care from Planned Parenthood.”

While DeWine is using taxpayer resources to attack Planned Parenthood through the courts, 16 other states have signed onto an amicus brief arguing the “law would impose an unconstitutional restriction on government funding that would violate the free speech rights of Planned Parenthood.”

In December 2015, DeWine threatened Planned Parenthood with legal action over another issue in a bumbling news conference — and then abandoned the lawsuit later that month when a federal judge blocked his efforts. Ohio taxpayers actually had to pay Planned Parenthood’s legal bill because of DeWine’s failed witch hunt against the organization. He also has filed suits across the country attempting to cut off access to birth control.