Two Years After GOP Rolled Out Their Tax Scam, Ohio’s Working Families Are Paying For Trump’s Broken Promises

COLUMBUS — Today marks the two-year anniversary of Donald Trump and congressional Republicans introducing their tax bill — and it’s been two years of broken promises for Ohio’s working families, as millionaires, billionaires and big corporations have been the main beneficiaries of the GOP tax scam.

“In 2017, Donald Trump promised the American people that his tax bill would ‘protect low-income and middle-income households, not the wealthy and well-connected,’” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “He even added it was ‘not good for me.’ It was all a giant lie — and Ohio Republicans like Rob Portman have helped to perpetuate the lie.

Pass-through entities — like the Trump Organization — got a massive windfall from Trump’s tax scam. Trump’s daughter Ivanka and Trump’s son-in-law stand to benefit from a tax break for developers — a tax break they pushed for. Meanwhile, everyday, hard-working Americans are paying more in taxes. Gold Star families are paying more. Truck drivers are paying more.

“Another broken promise was Trump’s claim that the average American family would receive $4,000 more a year because of his tax law. In fact, workers got an average of one cent — that’s one penny — more in bonuses after the tax scam went into effect.

“The biggest broken promise was Trump’s claim that Ohio jobs were ‘all coming back.’ In 2018, General Motors got a rebate on their federal income taxes thanks to the Trump tax scam. GM reported $4.3 billion in income, while they were laying off thousands of workers across North America and shuttering factories including their plant in Lordstown, Ohio. In addition, the Trump tax scam actually encourages companies to ship jobs overseas.

“For two years, Donald Trump and Rob Portman have been touting a tax law that was a massive giveaway to companies like GM and wealthy heirs and heiresses like the Trump family. It’s been one broken promise after another from Trump and Portman, and Ohio’s working families are paying the price.”