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  • The House GOP has released their plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act — “Trumpcare” — and the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office has scored the bill.
  • The CBO’s report confirms that the Republican health care proposal would mean up to 24 million Americans lose their health coverage and skyrocketing premiums for older Americans — all to give huge tax breaks to the wealthy and insurance company CEOs.
  • Trumpcare will cut $880 billion from Medicaid, defund Planned Parenthood and weaken Medicare, reducing the life of the Medicare Trust Fund by four years.
  • The American Medical Association, AARP and Ohio Hospital Association all oppose the House Republicans’ proposal. The president of the statewide hospital group this week told National Public Radio “fully 25 percent of our hospitals in Ohio would be at risk of closure” under Trumpcare.

Call your Member or Congress

Sample script: “Hello, my name is Suzie, and I am a constituent of Congressman Smith. I’m very concerned about the Republican plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act that was released this week. Like Gov. John Kasich and Sen. Rob Portman, I’m very concerned that this proposal will kick hundreds of thousands of Ohioans off their insurance by gutting the Medicaid expansion program. The Ohio Hospital Association is saying that “fully 25 percent of our hospitals in Ohio would be at risk of closure” under the House Republican proposal. AARP is opposing the plan because it will mean premium hikes for older Americans. It will also weaken Medicare and exhaust the Medicare trust fund four years sooner. Finally, the Columbus Dispatch is reporting that the bill will cut $115 million for public health programs in Ohio. At a time when we’re suffering the nation’s worst heroin crisis and horrific infant mortality rates, we can’t lose funding that helps tackle those problems. Does Congressman Smith intend to vote YES or NO on the House Republican proposal to repeal the Affordable Care Act?”

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Find out where they stand

1 – CHABOT Cincinnati Office: 513.684.2723

Warren County Office: 513.421.8704

leans toward supporting the bill
2 – WENSTRUP Cincinnati Office: 513.474.7777

Peebles Office: 513.605.1380

His spokeswoman said he is still reviewing the bill and sent this statement from Wenstrup. “As a doctor and representative of the people of Ohio’s Second District, I am reviewing the legislation carefully. Over the past several years, we’ve all had opportunities to provide our input and ideas. Now, thoughtful review is important because no one should ‘pass the bill to find out what is in it.’’
4 – JORDAN Lima Office: 419.999.6455

Norwalk Office: 419.663.1426

5 – LATTA Bowling Green Office: 419.354.8700

Defiance Office: 419.782.1996

Findlay Office: 419.422.7791

YESU.S. Rep. Bob Latta (R., Bowling Green) said in an interview with The Blade on Friday he supports the partial Affordable Care Act repeal bill backed by House Speaker Paul Ryan and President Trump.
6 – JOHNSON Marietta Office: 740.376.0868

Salem Office: 330.337.6951

Cambridge Office: 740.432.2366

Ironton Office: 740.534.9431

7 – GIBBS Ashland Office: 419.207.0650

Canton Office: 330.737.1631

No opinion at this time
8 – DAVIDSON Troy Office: 937.339.1524

West Chester Office: 513.779.5400

leans against the bill
10 – TURNER Dayton Office: 937.225.2843 I think this is a bill that will work through the process. I do believe that the bill needs to be amended in order for it to provide the type of coverage Americans expect and at the same time fix the problems of Obamacare.”
12 – TIBERI Worthington Office: 614.523.2555 YES
14 – JOYCE Painesville Office: 440.352.3939

Twinsburg Office: 330.357.4139

Still reviewing the bill
15 – STIVERS Hilliard Office: 614.771.4968

Lancaster Office: 740.654.2654

Wilmington Office: 937.283.7049

16 – RENACCI Wadsworth Office: 330.334.0040

Parma Office: 440.882.6779

He believes Obamacare is collapsing and the reconciliation recommendations that they are considering today will deliver much needed relief. However before the House Budget Committee marks up this bill, he fully expects the Congressional Budget Office score to be publicly available.”


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