Trump Failed To Prepare, Now Ohio Workers Are Paying The Price

Trump’s Economy Was Struggling Pre-Coronavirus; 2019 Was Ohio’s Worst Year for Job Growth in a Decade

COLUMBUS — More than one million Ohioans have lost their jobs since the coronavirus crisis erupted, and the national unemployment rate has reached a level not seen since the Great Depression — the consequences of Donald Trump’s failure to prepare and a fragile economy that was vulnerable to a disastrous crash once the pandemic hit.

Ohio lost 12,500 jobs from January 2019 to January 2020, and that was before the coronavirus crisis hit,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “Donald Trump lied when he promised Ohioans that their jobs were ‘all coming back’ and ‘new factories will come rushing onto our shores.’ Donald Trump lied when he said ‘Ohio just had the best year economically in the history of your state.’ No one should believe Trump when he says that the jobs lost because of the coronavirus ‘will all be back and they’ll be back very soon.’

“It didn’t have to be this way. Donald Trump constantly downplayed the coronavirus threat and didn’t take it seriously enough. His slow and chaotic response made things worse, and he’s failed to deliver on his promises, just as he did with Lordstown, with trade and with health care. Working Ohioans are continuing to pay the price for Trump’s broken promises.”

The Trump economy was already sputtering in Ohio before the coronavirus outbreak, as evidenced by these headlines from 2019:

Manufacturing job growth stalls in Ohio

Steel company sells for less than half what it was worth when Trump took office

TimkenSteel cutting jobs as part of restructuring

Murray Energy files for bankruptcy as U.S. coal decline continues