Trump Attacks Ohio Workers (Again)

COLUMBUSWhen General Motors shuttered its plant in Lordstown, Donald Trump took to Twitter to attack the workers and their leaders, and Trump is lashing out on Twitter again today, attacking a company that has been based in Ohio for 125 years and employs thousands of Ohio workers.

“Donald Trump promised to bring jobs back to Ohio, but we lost more than 12,000 jobs last year — and that was before the coronavirus crisis hit our shores,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “Trump’s reckless handling of the coronavirus threat has cratered our economy, and his tax scam actually encourages companies to ship jobs overseas. While Goodyear has been forced to furlough thousands of workers and close factories because of the coronavirus crisis that Trump failed to address, another Akron plant just last week announced it is closing and laying off workers as it moves operations to Mexico.

“Rather than extend a helping hand, Trump is kicking Ohio when it’s down and attacking union-made products and the Ohio workers who make them. We need a president who will fight for Ohio workers, not mouth off on Twitter. That’s why we have to send Joe Biden to the White House in November.”