Troubled Waters: Kasich and Snyder Share Disturbing Records on Protecting Citizens

Kasich Racing Past Flint On Today’s Campaign Tour Of The Mitten

THAT STATE UP NORTH — Ohio Gov. John Kasich is hitting the campaign trail this week in Michigan, where Gov. Rick Snyder has been under fire for failing to protect Flint’s citizens from lead-poisoned water — but Kasich has also been derelict in his duty to ensure clean water for Ohioans.

“Governor Kasich is hoping Michiganders don’t notice the fact that he has failed to protect Ohio citizens from lead-poisoned water,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chair David Pepper. “While Kasich has spent more than 130 days out of state advancing his political ambitions, the families and children of Sebring have been suffering. It’s time for Kasich to stop playing political games, come back to Ohio and focus on the job he was elected to do.”

Kasich will pass through Flint as he speeds from his afternoon stop in East Lansing on his way to the Macomb County Republican Party’s headquarters in Utica.


Kasich’s water problems are mounting:

According to the Kasich’s campaign strategist, he intends to spend a lot of time in Michigan through the state’s primary on Tuesday, March 8. As reported by the Detroit Free Press, John Weaver said, “We’re going to treat Michigan like we did New Hampshire.”

Earlier today Kasich said, “We have to do really well in this state or I have to roll up the carpets and go back.”