Time for Mike DeWine to Stop Ducking and Start Answering Questions

COLUMBUS — Facing one of the nation’s 10 most competitive or “likely to flip” races for governor (NBC News #9, Politico #8, Washington Post #9), Mike DeWine is emerging from his “nasty” and “savage” “slugfest” primary having spent millions on attack ads, but having done “everything in his power to avoid a debate with his opponent” or “discuss some controversial issues.”

Here are six questions for DeWine to stop ducking and finally answer:

1. Now that we know the FBI is looking into the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT) and campaign contributions linked to the failed e-charter school — why has DeWine neglected to investigate ECOT for years, despite published reports that the school “was cooking its attendance books”?

2. How does DeWine plan to deal with the fallout of 700,000 people losing health coverage, including 200,000 people who rely on it for mental and drug addiction, in the midst of Ohio’s opioid epidemic?

3. How has he explained his position to end Medicaid expansion to Kasich, who said he was concerned about making “sure that no Ohioan is left behind”?

4. When asked about what he’s done to fight the opioid crisis, DeWine claimed, “There’s a lot of things I frankly can’t do as the attorney general.” What would he have changed about Kasich’s response to the crisis?

5. Will DeWine recuse himself from any state investigation into the activities of disgraced former Ohio House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger?

6. Will Donald Trump campaign for DeWine (besides offering misspelled tweets)?