Ten Days Later, Trump Finally Realizes GM Lordstown Has Closed

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Democratic Party released the following statement from Chairman David Pepper in response to President Donald Trump apparently realizing that the General Motors factory in Lordstown, Ohio, closed nearly two weeks ago:

“During his campaign for president, Donald Trump made promises to the workers of the Mahoning Valley. On the day of his inauguration, thousands of workers at the General Motors factory in Lordstown lost their jobs, but Trump kept making promises. In July 2017, he told rally-goers, ‘Those jobs [that] have left Ohio, they’re coming back. They’re all coming back. Don’t move, don’t sell your house.’

“After GM announced they were planning to close the Lordstown plant, Trump showed no sympathy for the plight of these workers. He said ‘it doesn’t really matter’ and promised these jobs would be replaced ‘in like two minutes.’ Workers from Lordstown wrote to the president, but they never received a response. GM workers attended the president’s State of the Union address, but Trump didn’t say one word to reassure them.

“It’s been nearly two weeks since the last Chevy Cruze rolled off the assembly line in Lordstown, and only today did Donald Trump realize what had happened. Trump has broken his promises, and he has lied repeatedly. The people of the Mahoning Valley deserve better than this childish, corrupt and incompetent president.”