Steve Chabot and Mike Turner Resort to Desperate Tactics to Attack Kate Schroder, Desiree Tims

Chabot’s Ad: “A Big Stretch” … Turner’s Ad: “Misleading”

COLUMBUS — With their re-election prospects growing dimmer by the day, Steve Chabot and Mike Turner are being forced to resort to desperate attacks on their opponents, Kate Schroder and Desiree Tims, who are outhustling the long-time D.C. politicians.

“After more than 40 years in D.C. between the two of them, Steve Chabot and Mike Turner are obviously on the ropes against their Democratic opponents,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “Kate Schroder and Desiree Tims are outstanding public servants who have worked to protect public health and the environment, while Chabot and Turner are lobbing baseless attacks to distract from their own deficiencies as candidates. Donald Trump is infamous for accusing his political opponents of the very same things he has done, and that’s exactly what Chabot and Turner are doing.

“Let’s be crystal clear here — Chabot is the candidate whose campaign is being investigated for serious financial improprieties, and Turner is the candidate with cozy connections to lobbyists, having taken more than $40,000 in lobbyist cash just this cycle and groomed 21 former staffers for K Street lobbying gigs. Their lame attempts to throw mud at their opponents won’t work with Ohio voters. We need to send Kate Schroder and Desiree Tims to Congress this November.”

A Cincinnati Enquirer columnist called Chabot’s attack ad “a big stretch” and noted that “Chabot continues to sidestep addressing his own campaign mismanagement.”

A Wright State University political scientist called Turner’s attack ad “misleading” and stated she was “surprised that a Republican would run an ad that would remind us of [indicted former Ohio House Speaker Larry] Householder.”

It is indeed puzzling because, as a Daily Beast reporter pointed out, “Turner has received $20k in campaign contributions from FirstEnergy, the company that allegedly bribed Householder and his allies to the tune of $60M.”