Statement On Becker’s Extremist Bill To Ban Insurance Companies From Covering Birth Control

COLUMBUS — Ohio Democratic Women’s Caucus Vice Chair Constance Lighthall issued the following statement Thursday after this week’s committee hearing of House Bill 182 sponsored by state Rep. John Becker that would prohibit health insurance companies from providing coverage for abortion care and even some forms of contraception:

“Ohio is facing a crisis in infant and maternal mortality rates, and this bill would only make things worse. It would also limit insurance from covering many safe and common methods of birth control. John Becker admits this is ‘clearly not my area of expertise,’ and he didn’t consult insurance and medical experts, so it’s strange that he feels confident enough to try to make laws interfering with the health care and insurance coverage of Ohio women. For example, the bill seeks to define a method of treatment for ectopic pregnancy that doesn’t exist, and would ban insurance coverage for existing treatments of ectopic pregnancy, a life-threatening condition for women.

“A woman should have the ability to make her own personal decision about whether or not to become a parent, and no politician — especially not John Becker, an avowed non-expert — should interfere in that decision.”