Statehouse Republicans Still Don’t Get It — Right To Work Is Wrong For Ohio

COLUMBUS — Thirteen Republicans in the Ohio House would apparently rather make nice with the Koch brothers and corporate special interests, than listen to the will of the voters, because they’re introducing so-called “right to work” legislation in Ohio. Again.

“An overwhelming majority of the voters weighed in on this issue six years ago and let lawmakers know once and for all — right to work is wrong for Ohio,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “Columbus Republicans are out of touch with ordinary Ohioans, and they only care about what lobbyists and corporate special interests tell them to care about. Ohio Democrats strongly oppose this ideological attack on Ohio’s working families, which will drive down wages, benefits and overall living standards for all Ohio workers.”

Prime sponsor of House Bill 53:

Rep. John Becker (HD 65)


Rep. Ron Hood (HD 78)

Rep. Tom Brinkman (HD 27)

Rep. Bill Dean (HD 74)

Rep. Andy Thompson (HD 95)

Rep. Nino Vitale (HD 85)

Rep. Wes Goodman (HD 87)

Rep. Craig Riedel (HD 82)

Rep. Kristina Roegner (HD 37)

Rep. Derek Merrin (HD 47)

Rep. Niraj Antani (HD 42)

Rep. Paul Zeltwanger (HD 54)

Rep. Candice Keller (HD 53)